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XC / Race

Race/Cross Country (XC) bikes usually have between 100 and 140mm of travel and are known for their efficient climbing. As suspension linkages systems and shock technology improves, XC bikes are being designed with more and more travel and the line between XC and race is becoming blurred. These are great for XC racing and general, recreational riding. At the shorter end of the travel, the bikes are better suited for climbing and single track whereas the longer travel versions are ideal for general off road riding.
Orange Charger Pro
Orange 2021 Charger Pro
Orange Phase Pro
Orange 2021 Phase Pro
Orange Surge RS
Orange 2021 Surge RS
Orange Surge 29 RS
Orange 2021 Surge 29 RS
Orange Phase RS
Orange 2021 Phase RS
Orange Surge 29 Factory
Orange 2021 Surge 29 Factory
Orange Surge Factory
Orange 2021 Surge Factory
Orange Surge 29 XTR
Orange 2021 Surge 29 XTR
Orange Surge XTR
Orange 2021 Surge XTR
Orange Phase Factory
Orange 2021 Phase Factory
Orange Phase XTR
Orange 2021 Phase XTR


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