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Trail full suspension bikes generally have a minimum of 120mm travel and sit nicely between XC and AM bikes. They are probably one of the most popular choices today with the ever increasing amount of trail centres and dedicated forest routes. The slacker head angle lends itself perfectly to single track and descending although many bikes have the option to lower the fork travel, levelling the frame for climbing. The line between XC and trail bikes is becoming less distinct as trail bikes become faster with ever improving frame suspension.
Whyte T-140 SR
Whyte 2021 T-140 SR
Whyte S-120 S
Whyte 2021 S-120 S
Whyte T-160 S
Whyte 2021 T-160 S
Whyte G-180 S
Whyte 2021 G-180 S
Whyte T-140 S
Whyte 2021 T-140 S
Whyte T-140C R
Whyte 2021 T-140C R
Whyte G-180 RS
Whyte 2021 G-180 RS
Whyte G-180 RS 29ER
Whyte 2021 G-180 RS 29ER
Whyte T-160 RS
Whyte 2021 T-160 RS
Whyte S-120C RS
Whyte 2021 S-120C RS
Whyte T-140C RS
Whyte 2021 T-140C RS
Whyte E-150 S 29er
Whyte 2021 E-150 S 29er


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